Sometimes there is no justice quite like that served up in prison, especially for demonic cretins like Daniel Wilson. This piece of garbage beat his 7-month old baby to death. He crushed his skull in the process.

Rather than be taken out back of the courthouse and hung like they did in the good ol’ days, he was sentenced to life in prison. In some states that means the murderer might have a chance to walk among the rest of us again.

So much for that. Wilson decided to get into an argument with his cellmate. Let’s take a look at Wilson. Can you say coward? Anybody who beats his 7-month old baby to death is nothing but a coward.

Now let’s take a look at his roommate. Meet thug Brandon Kulhanek. Yikes. He too is a prize of human being. He was incarcerated for assault and was serving an 18-year sentence when the spat with Wilson erupted.

Needless to say Kulhanek came out the winner. Baby-killer did not. Wilson died from a fatal blow to his windpipe.

Lack of oxygen to the brain. What a fitting way to go seeing as how that is what he did to his son.

Kulhanek will now face the same sentence as Wilson for first-degree murder. While appropriate, we can still thank him for ridding the world of a baby-killer we now know we no longer have to shelter, feed, clothe.

Not to mention all the other amenities that come with prison these days.

Source: Mad World News

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