There is a lot of talk flying around right now about entry level jobs and minimum wage.

When we think of a place like McDonald’s we think teenager, first-job, part-time, college kid, etc.

For many of us, McDonald’s and similar businesses were our first jobs. They paid our way through college, allowed us to earn spending money in high-school, and maybe even helped us buy our first car.

These first jobs teach us responsibility and commitment to an employer and workplace team.

We have great respect for the people who work those jobs. So does Briton Mike Waite. He works 50 hours per week at McDonald’s. While the hours can be rough, there is flexibility, and he says he works with people he “would aspire to be like.”

He commends and defends his coworkers for ther ability to “overcome situations I never could and who have the determination to not fade away on handouts…”

“As someone who has nearly walked out of a shift a few times...I can say despite the difficulties the greater picture is not always that terrible. Overall please just take your preconceptions and be rid of them because I work with some amazing people, and like many of them McDonalds is not a "dead-end" of my working life but rather part of the beginning.”

You can read the rest of his rant here!

Source: Conservative Tribune

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