Cable and satellite TV viewers are abandoning these platforms in droves, partly because of their liberal bias, mostly because their content just stinks.

How many times can you watch "Saving Private Ryan" or "Forrest Gump" before realizing you're getting suckered into paying for something you've already seen or just don't want?

Media companies are beginning to take big hits for this massive failure to communicate.

Reports show that satellite and cable providers lost 760,000 subscribers in the last quarter, while an estimated 1.7 million in total have "cut the cord" due to outrageous fees and lousy programs.

ESPN, once the premier sports network, has plummeted to number 11 thanks to its increasing reliance on liberal viewpoints that have driven away viewers by the thousands.

Following ESPN on the way down is CNN -- the Clinton News Network -- at number 3 in ratings. In spite of its recent troubles and the departure of Bill O'Reilly, Fox News was the top performing network in terms of viewership.

According to the Daily Wire, the rapid attrition in viewership isn't too much of a problem for these failing networks. They've got an angle, which is to reach into the pockets of viewers when they're not looking.

Cable and satellite providers include both ESPN and CNN in their service packages, whether their subscribers want them or not, to the tune of $17.44 each month for ESPN and $1.50 a month for CNN.

Since neither of these floundering networks seems willing or able to satisfy viewers with quality content, they're ripping them off on the down low instead.

That is just criminal.

The good news is that more and more viewers are catching on. Sick and tired of paying exorbitant monthly fees, they've decided to cancel their subscriptions completely.

In these hard economic times, cable and satellite television is a luxury many of us can, or must, do without.

Our days would be better spent reading books, actually playing sports, or spending quality time with the family, rather than wasted listening to some ridiculous liberal poetry on ESPN.

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Source: Daily Wire



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