Evil knows no limits. It seems to take particular interest and pleasure in the abuse of children. A residence in San Antonio, Texas has been identified as one of evil’s pleasure-domes for just such atrocities.

Neighbors had been hearing children crying for weeks. Presumably they had been calling law enforcement for weeks, right?

Well, no. In the era of if you see something say something and find yourself at the center of prime time news as the latest societal hater-pariah, the witness reserved judgement—sadly.

“For three weeks I was listening to it,” said Michelle Williams. “I felt bad, I felt real bad. I only wish I made the call sooner.”

After Ms. Williams finally called law enforcement, an investigation into the matter was undertaken. What they found is heartbreaking.

“To call this horrific is an understatement. It’s disgusting. It’s sad. It’s unbelievable,” said Bexar County Sheriff’s Office spokesman James Keith.

What did they find?

Inside the home was Porucha Phillips and six little kids. The children were malnourished and showed signs of having been physically abused. The nightmare does not stop there. Two additional children were discovered in the backyard. Those children were toddlers ranging in age from 2-3 years for the boy and slightly older for a girl, and do not belong to Phillips.

The boy was found chained to the ground, and the girl tied to a door, with a dog leash. Altogether there were 8 children; a 1-year old, two 3-year olds, a 4-year old, 8-year old 9-year old, 10-year old, and a 10-month old.

All of the children were hustled out of there and to a hospital. There it was determined that they had a variety of broken bones and were suffering the effects of starvation. Law enforcement is still trying to figure out who the parents of the two children in the backyard are.

It would appear this was Ms. Phillips’ day-care facility, and the two children in the backyard were in her care. For several weeks it would seem, judging by their injuries.

Let’s hope this woman rots in prison. Let’s hope the other two children’s parents are found and they get to rot alongside her. Above all, let’s hope safe homes for all 8 of these kids can be found and they can begin to heal, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Source: Mad World News


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