Senator and Presidential candidate, Ted Cruz (R-Texas), shoots from the hip. His Texan straightforward-ness is always one of class and eloquence, of which plenty in our elected leadership, to include the President, are utterly lacking.

In a recent interview with Fox News’s Megan Kelly (Kelly File), he boiled the Iranian nuke deal, down to a basic premise and that is, the money that will be exchanging hands, meaning us to them, is nothing less than a “Jihadist Stimulus Bill.” Who is providing the stimulus? You guessed it, our very own President and his lackey staff to the tune of billions of dollars. According to Senator Cruz, this makes the “…Obama administration the leading financier of terrorism again Americans in the world.”

Those are some strong words there. Simply stated, and simply true. Not only that, but he points out that while Obama and his cronies celebrate their landmark deal, four of our citizens remain jailed in Iran; Safeed Abedini (Christian pastor), Amir Hekmati (US Marine), Jason Rezaian (Washington Post Iran Bureau Chief), and Robert Levinson (ex-FBI agent). A “shameful act of this catastrophic Iran deal” is what he called it and could not be more right.

Cruz also notes that Israel’s Netanyahu went so far as to say the only honest person at the table was Iran’s leader, Rouhani, because as Rouhani said, they got everything they wanted. Meanwhile Obama claims the deal struck is the best the US could do.

This is a disgrace. Our President is a shameful man.

h/t: Gateway Pundit



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