Anti-Semitism appears to be running rampant in the upper echelons of our government and has been since the day Obama ascended to the office of the POTUS. We have witnessed our relationship with our strongest Middle Eastern ally, the nation of Israel, constantly being head-stomped, belittled, and denigrated by the embarrassment running our nation.

Among Obama’s cabinet is the inglorious John Kerry, our Buffoon [Secretary]- of-State. Kerry, has the onus of his spokespeople and what it is they run their mouths about, and recently John Kirby, spokes-idiot-extraordinaire, and Naval Admiral no less who has served all manner of defense positions from the Pentagon to within the administration of the Secretary of Defense, and is by no means green to foreign policy, had the nerve to stand behind the podium and say that while Israel defends itself against the incessant onslaught of Palestinian terrorist attacks, they have responsibility and are equally responsible for acts of terrorism.

Yes, an Israeli recently attacked some Bedouin Arabs, during the terror attacks by Palestinians, but Israel immediate addressed the situated and arrested the guy. Meanwhile, the Palestinian Authority (PA) does nothing when it comes to terrorists attacking Jews. That’s not entirely true, because the PA actually cheers the terrorists on.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was livid when it came to Kirby’s attitude and finds it unacceptable.

“We must immediately and unconditionally reject the delusion that the coordinated Palestinian frenzy of blood-lust in in any way legitimate. There is no moral equivalence here between the savagery of the Palestinian terrorist and the innocent Israelis they are trying to murder.”

Cruz says, Kirby needs to shut up, and apologize or resign, and Kerry needs to “immediately disavow these remarks or resign” as well. This was seconded by Representative Lee Zelden (R-NY) who was equally pointed in his assessment;

“Admiral Kirby’s accusation warrants his immediate removal. He should absolutely not utter one more word on behalf of America’s foreign policy. If Secretary John Kerry refuses to speak out and discipline Mr. Kirby then Secretary Kerry needs to step aside as well.”

Instead, Kerry, taking a page from his puppet-master’s playbook, does nothing, and the good Admiral gets to back pedal his anti-Semitic rhetoric in one of those back-handed non-apology-apologies.

In truth both of these disastrous, hateful, clowns need to be go away.

Source: CNS News

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