The shooter who targeted a law enforcement officer on Saturday had a letter blaming his actions on his hatred for police in general and one parole officer in particular, which police found on his body after he was shot and killed in Philadelphia.

Nicholas Galent, 25, unleashed chaos in the streets as he shot six people, after his unsuccessful assassination attempt on Sergeant Sylvia Young as she sat in her squad car. Police said Galent did not speak to Sgt. Young before opening fire.

Police pursued Galent on the streets firing at people randomly, eventually taking a woman hostage, using her as a human shield before shooting her, also.

Galent himself was killed in a gun battle with police after shooting random victims, killing a 25-year-old woman had a history of 16 arrests, including drug charges, and an arrest for a 2009 gang-rape which was later dropped.

Sgt. Young sustained 15 gunshot wounds, surviving only because she was protected by a bulletproof vest, and according to Police Commissioner Richard Ross, who said Galent was “hell bent on hurting a lot of people.”

Two of Galent’s victims remain in critical condition; two others, police officers, were reported in stable condition and expected to survive.

The rampage took place on a day of violence that began with an explosion in Seaside, New Jersey at the starting line of a charity race benefiting members of the Marine Corps. counter-terrorism unit and ended with a blast in a dumpster in the Chelsea residential district in New York City.

In between two officers were shot in Ft. Worth, Texas after responding to a call regarding a dead body and exchanging gunfire with a suspect hiding in a shed.

The incidents appear to be unrelated.

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