A recent viral video shows two teenage girls having a schoolyard scuffle. This in itself is a horrible thing to witness, but it's made even worse to know that it came at a time when no adult supervision was on hand and the non-aggressor victim was babysitting a 3 year-old relative who became caught up in the surprise attack brought on by the other teens. The teen who provoked the incident, yelling 'get up' at the girl with the toddler in her arms, took no regard for the small childs well-being and violently tried to take the seated girl by the neck onto the ground.

By the time the video went viral, the two aggressors were nowhere to be found and the 3-year-old child was treated for minor injuries. With the help of the public and some of the family of the girls in the video, the main instigator has been turned into police custody, charged with felony injury to a child and misdemeanor assault on the teen girl. Police say the crime was likely premeditated. One can only wonder if the girl was set up or stalked.

The part of this story that may come to mind now is the racial differences between the girls in the video. Yes, somehow if the roles were reversed here, it would probably carry the label of 'hate crime' and all sorts of protests and public spectacles would be happening all around Texas. But we all know that doesn't fit the narrative.

h/t Fox4

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