On October 3rd 2016, America ceased to be a Republic, and without a single shot being fired America quietly fell without so much as a ripple felt across the heartland, and with hardly an acknowledgement within the mainstream media of the monumental event.

Yesterday we “astoundingly” witnessed a “sea-change” unlike we’ve ever witnessed before, and except for perhaps the two events that changed the course of American history our American Revolution and the Civil War, have we ever experienced such a change, and although this event doesn’t have the immediate impact of war upon our homeland, this act will never-the-less change the course of America forever.

Yesterday both the FBI and the Department of Justice became co-collaborators in the willful destruction of key evidence, with the sole purpose of obstructing justice, as both departments agreed to destroy the notebook computers belonging to Clinton aides and potential defendants, Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson.

Both Mills and Samuelson were granted immunity from prosecution by the Department of Justice late last month, with the assumption that immunity is only given when those involved in criminality have incriminating evidence to share with the JOD, However in truth their immunity was given to insure that the circle of deceit was complete, and that all the players were immune from prosecution.

Fox news anchor Shannon Bream, was the first journalist to report on Twitter the destruction of evidence by the Justice Department, which prompted Virginia Republican congressman Goodlatte to inquire whether the contents had already been destroyed, “thereby making follow-up investigations by the FBI, or Congressional oversight, impossible?”

Of all the lawless acts committed throughout the 8-years of Obama’s Presidency this one single act is no doubt the most egregious, in that once honorable and forthright institutions like the FBI and Justice Departments are compromised into engaging in overt criminality of obstructing justice and becoming co-collaborators in destroying evidence, then all bets are off, in that the thin line of trust that exists between government and it’s citizenry lies within the ideals that “justice is blind,” and the concept of “equal justice under the law.”

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