Once again race in America takes center stage, this time in Cincinnati, Ohio, as a grand jury has just indicted 4-adults and a juvenile accused of attacking the son of Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters. The attack accrued during “Taste of Cincinnati” weekend festivities.

The attack was considered a racially motivated hate crime, because of the hate speech used by the assailants.

Matthew Johnson Jr., 23, received a secured $250,000 bond and Joshua McCoy, 21, got a secured $150,000 bond at arraignment Thursday. Onea, Lapsley, 22, and Yahdea Brown, 19, were arraigned Friday. Lapsley received a $250,000 bond and Brown was given a $150,000 bond.

The indictment charges them with single felony counts of felonious assault, aggravated riot and ethnic intimidation as well as two misdemeanor counts of assault.

The assault took place as Jonathan Deters, 23, was walking his sister to her car when the group leaving the festivities suddenly attacked him. Witnesses told police the four adults and teenager could be heard yelling "effe you, white boy" as they continually stomped on him.

Deters said he has prosecuted cases of racially motivated crimes before and that the attack on his son was no different. If convicted of the unprovoked assault, the adults in the attack could face up to 10 ½ in prison.

Deters response;  "I hope they get all of it… they are just a bunch of trash."

h/t: WCPO

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