Kevon Smith Sr. took his son to a local Cracker Barrel to grab a bite to eat. Kevon made sure to sit a little ways away from the other people eating at the Cracker Barrel. He thought that no one could see what he was doing until he got to his car and saw a note from a couple who witnessed the whole thing.

Kevon had noticed a couple looking in his direction as he and his son enjoyed their breakfast but didn't think much of it and carried on with what he was doing.

The father had come to the restaurant alone with his infant boy. When he finally finished his meal and walked out to the car he noticed a note that "the Masons" had left him with a bit of advice.

"I noticed this older couple over in the corner," said Kevon when speaking with WOIO. "They kept smiling at me, and I was looking at my son like — what is going on?"

He found out later when he read the unexpected note left on the windshield of his car. The note was left with a sum of cash and read:

"Today your meal is on my wife and me. We need more black dads like you." The note ended with the couple encouraging Kevon to "Enjoy that baby boy as long as God intends."


Instead of taking offense to the fact that the couple referred to him as a "black dad" Kevon agreed with the couple saying that it is a large issue that many in the black community have had to face, himself included.

Kevon explained that since he had to grow up without a father he wanted to do whatever he could to make sure his son never had to experience that. He said that he just wants to show his child as much love and affection as he can and this couple saw that.

He said that "there’s a lot of guys I know that aren’t taking care of their kids."

"Not all of us are out here being gang bangers, some of us are out here being fathers," the caring father told the news station. Kevon is living proof that just because people come from a background of poverty or grow up without a parent they can still choose to be a good parent and break that cycle.

All it takes is a good heart and the willingness to be a good member of society in order to change. We can only hope more people start acting like Kevon and becoming the parents their kids deserve.

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Source: Mad World News

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