This is just plain gross. When you pay good money for a hotel you expect a decent room. The Courtyard Marriot chain of hotels are not dumps, so you definitely expect that your bedroom is in good order when you check in.

Clean bathroom, vacuumed carpet, dust-free fixtures, and no evidence of smoking in a smoke-free room.  Simple enough.

How would you feel if, when you decide it is lights-out, after climbing into bed, you hear a crinkly-crunchy noise under your sheets. You would probably demonstrate cat-like reflexes and jump right out.

Well, for one couple this was the case. They decided to peel the sheet back to see what it was that they were dealing with. Let’s all accept that took a bit of face-your-fear strength.

For someone who is afraid of all insects a crinkly noise under my sheets would have driven yours truly into the hallway screaming “burn it down!”

So, the “brave” couple peeled back the sheets and found a note, presumable left by the former room occupant.


“If you’re reading this, then house-keeping did not change your sheets!”

Again, “burn it down,” right?  There is no word on which Marriot this was, if disciplinary action was taken, or if this this is a hoax.

Regardless, we should all consider doing this in an effort warn each what kind of establishment we have chosen to rest in. Would you book there again? Would you even stay there that night?

Source: Mad World News

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