Mr. and Mrs. Lemieux awoke to the sound of firecrackers going off in the middle of the night. They hurriedly went out the door of their home to see what the commotion was all about.

Instead of someone with firecrackers out on the street, they found Auburn police officer Ronald Tarentino bleeding to death in their yard.

The officer was calling out, “Help!” and “Officer down!” He had been shot  by thug Jorge Zambrano. The Lemieuxes jumped into action, quickly grabbing towels and running to Tarentino’s aid.

Mrs. Lemieux offered words of comfort and kindness, telling Tarentino that help was on the way and that all would be well. Her husband cradled the wounded officer’s head.

Unfortunately, Officer Tarentino was mortally wounded and he did not survive. Zambrano managed to get away, before shooting another officer.

Eventually, the law caught up with him and he was killed, following a stand-off.

Mrs. Lemieux said that she hopes the officer, a beloved father of three, “rests in peace knowing he wasn’t alone, that me and my husband were with him, and I want him to be at peace and his family to be at peace knowing he wasn’t alone.”

Certainly, the Lemieuxes have done that, providing comfort to the officer’s family, and allowing him to pass from this world to the next in the arms of those who cared enough to intervene.

Source: Mad World News



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