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Perhaps the obvious way to begin this article is never mess with Country music legend Charlie Daniels and in particular our First and Second Amendment rights, or anything that intrudes on our civil liberties.

And when asked about the dust-up taking place in North Carolina and the bathroom protection laws, Daniels didn’t hesitate in telling the media that he would perform as scheduled, in his typical no-nonsense style, and frankly isn’t concerned about other performers boycotting the state, and he made it clear he’s not one of them.

Stating; “I literally don’t understand the situation with the bathrooms in North Carolina. Seems simple to me, if you’re a man, biologically or by surgical alteration, you go to the Men’s Room. The same thing goes for a woman. What’s discriminating about that?”


He continued; “How long would it take for some enterprising straight young men to start claiming “transgender” and walk into a bathroom full of young ladies? Would you want your wife or granddaughter to be exposed to that? I wouldn’t,” he added. Exactly!


“Remarkably” Daniels comments are in universal agreement within the court of public opinion, and yet the political elites along with social activists and a host of misguided and politically correct individuals, his comments are considered bigoted and perhaps even sexist…go figure?



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