This is a very under-reported story regarding Poland.

In fact, unless you go digging pretty deep you won’t find much on the recent events of Poland. You won’t find it at all on CNN because they censored it and stripped it from American view.

No matter, we will fill you in. Over 100,000 Poles took to the streets of Warsaw to protest this refugee invasion, Islamization and Caliphate re-making of the European Union.

More importantly, the protests were to push back against the EU’s demands that Poland partake in this new world order of Muslims ruling the world.

Poland’s been in this movie before, and it looks like they have no plans for the making of a Holocaust sequel.

Day and night, the people of the nation have joined together, raising their national flag, holding candlelight vigils in the name of “God! Honor! Homeland!”

A little to patriotic for CNN? Too much invocation of the name of God in lieu of Mohammad?

A little too much common sense is what it sounds like. Poland is marching to her own drumbeat and it is not in tempo with that of the EU or Obama’s America.

You watch—Poland will now become the world’s newest pariah.

Source: Right Wing News


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