Perhaps a more accurate title to this article should read; “If you allow a 7th century medieval culture, into a 21st century civil society, be prepared for the fallout.”

That seems to be exactly what many European countries are now facing as hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees need to be “house-broken” and educated that rape isn’t the accepted norm within civil society, and certainly not a part of the courtship ritual between a man and a woman.

To illustrate the wide gap that exists between these two cultures one simply needs to hear from those refugees.  

When he first arrived in Europe, Abdu Osman Kelifa, a Muslim asylum seeker from the Horn of Africa, was shocked to see women in skimpy clothes drinking alcohol and kissing in public. Back home, he said, only prostitutes do that, and in locally made movies couples “only hug but never kiss.”

Mr. Kelifa, 33, attended the education program at an asylum center in this town near the western Norwegian city of Stavanger, the goal was to educate Muslim refugees in how to assimilate into a western society that values woman, and that rape and other violent acts towards woman is not permitted within a civil society…in short attempting to educate 7th century barbarians to respect 21st century values from those countries extending a helping hand.

Why? I’ll never know!

Of course listening to President Obama speaking of Islam: “These rituals remind us of the principles that we hold in common, and Islam’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity of all human beings”  one can only imagine this administration along with progressive academics setting up night courses within local community colleges, and instructing Muslim refugees that rape is a big “no, no”...can someone please lay down some newspapers!

h/t: Right Wing News



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