The City Council in Knoxville City ,Iowa voted on November 2nd that they were not going to have enough back bone to support the majority that elected them.

Instead, they would pander to and be bullied by the small atheist minority demanding they remove a veterans' memorial that many of the atheist minority found to be too "offensive." Too bad for them this decision would cost them dearly.


The veterans' memorial in question featured a soldier kneeling to a white cross that represented a tombstone, but these politically correct atheist would not stand to show our veterans respect if it meant they had another opportunity to go after Christians.

When the city council voted for the measure to remove the memorial, they upset a whole lot more people than the few that complained to have the memorial taken down.

The citizens decided that if the council was to remove their memorial then they would just have to remove the council of from their positions.


Prior to the decision some 2,000 white crosses had been erected in yards all around the town. Furthermore, the citizens made sure to warn the officials that if they took down the memorial they, too, would be "taken down."

Council members April Verwers, Carolyn Formanek, and David Roozeboom decided not to heed the warnings of their constituents and voted to take the remove the memorial.


The very next day council members April Verwers and Carolyn Formanek were voted out of office after receiving less that 15% of the popular vote. Roozeboom decided to forgo the re-election process entirely, knowing full well that he had no chance to be back in office.

It just goes to show that when elected officials – no matter how high up – stop listening to the electing majority, as they have been doing recently, they're going to lose support fast and they better watch their back.

It's time our elected officials stop being the spokesperson of the 'outraged' minorities and start listening to what the masses are telling them or something like this will happen on a much larger scale.

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Source: Mad World News



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