It took less than a few seconds for a routine council meeting to disintegrate into verbal chaos as two illegal immigrants were appointed to city commissions in Huntington Park, California.

Shouts of “You are out-of-order!” directed at council members echoed throughout the chamber, as one woman stood up protesting the questionable appointments

The appointments seemed to be a direct result of political ‘payback” by Councilman Johnny Pineda, rewarding both Frank Medina and Julian Zatarain two Illegal aliens who helped with his recent campaign in March.

Residents told KCBS-TV; “We’re sending the wrong message — you can be illegal and you can come and work for the city,”

However Pineda denied the charges claiming that he had made a promise to voters that he would create more opportunities for the “illegal immigrants” who live within the area. The councilman said he cleared the appointments with the city’s attorney.

And perhaps that’s the rub, in that rather than attempting to “game the system” by rewarding illegal aliens why doesn’t the good Councilman (along with the city’s attorney), help these Illegal aliens, become American citizens, and demonstrate to the community that the oath they took is keeping faith to uphold the laws of the land, however by his actions Councilman Pineda has indicated that he’s above the law.

The good news if any is that the two appointees will not be paid, as they cannot receive federal money, and will also not be involved in any policy making decisions. Zatarain will work with the parks and recreation commission, and Medina will work with the health and education commission.

The appointments however will not be official until Medina and Zatarain pass a background check and are processed by the council. Mayor Karina Macias has said she supports the appointments.

And although this is a local issue it does have significant national implications, and perhaps that where local officials like Councilman Pineda originally got the idea in the first place, observing the President cherry pick, and or disregard existing law. Whatever the case we’ve entered into a dangerous situation

h/t: CBS LA


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