With the first presidential debate less than a month away, Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton may have boxed herself into a classic “Catch-22” – a situation where mutually conflicting conditions make it impossible to achieve a favorable outcome.

It’s a “heads you win, tails I lose” dilemma Clinton has created herself, which gives her opponent an advantage on the podium if he chooses to ask the question: “Are you incompetent or corrupt?”

With the release of the FBI’s notes from its investigation of her unauthorized use of a private, secret server to conduct the nation’s diplomatic business as Secretary of State, Clinton finds herself in the difficult position of claiming she didn’t know what she was doing while at the same time trying to convince American voters that she is the best person to hold the most powerful position in the world.

When presented with emails in her three-hour interview conducted over the 4th of July weekend that demonstrated her deliberate mishandling of government documents, Clinton responded by telling the FBI that she couldn’t remember receiving training or guidance on handling and retaining emails or classifying materials, and that she left such details to her staff.

In more than 30 instances, Clinton fell back on the tried-and-true defense response, “I do not recall,” eventually playing the “I was sick” card referring to the period in the months following a December 2012 fall that left her with a concussion, double-vision and a blot clot in her brain that required hospitalization.

Clinton, who will be 69 in October, has attempted to portray herself as a tech-challenged Baby Boomer grandmother who thinks wiping a server requires a soft cloth, while President Obama calls her the most qualified person ever” to run for president.

That might have been true – before the advent of computers, cellphones, emails, hackers and cybersecurity threats.

In fact, Clinton actually might be clueless as the FBI notes revealed that she fell for a phishing expedition in responding, “Is this really from you? I was worried about opening it!”

And in an even more disturbing incident, her aide Huma Abedin revealed Clinton had clicked on a link to a porn website contained in an email.

The worst thing about being trapped in a Catch-22 is that there is no escape.

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