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There’s little doubt that Donald Trump knows how the game is played in Washington, if anything “The Donald” has certainly greased many a political palm to get things done in the rough and tumble world of big time real-estate and development, and politicians equally understand how to leverage their hold on mega successful businessman like Trump, in short “one hand, washes another.”

And Trump would be the first one to admit how special interest groups and lobbyists have infiltrated, and influence the so-called “free market” of which he has no doubt benefited from.

Which of course progressives use in their attempt to discredit the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, accusing him of “wheeling and dealing,” when ironically it’s not the Donald Trump’s who’ve created the system, but the political establishment and those political activists, who have created the system for their own nefarious dealings.

No doubt Trump is a rich man, a very rich man, not because he knows how to “WHEEL AND DEAL” but because he knows how to create beautiful buildings, and that’s the fundamental difference between politicians and those political activists like Al Sharpton, who create nothing and feed off the system.

Creating controversial nonprofit organizations like his National Action Network, while owing hundreds of thousands of dollars in back taxes and penalties to the IRS, and blackmailing major international corporations, into paying him hundreds of thousands annually, not to instigate racial mayhem.

Which no doubt within this brave new world of “POLITICAL CORRECTNESS” scares the hell out of corporations like Time Warner, UPS and Ford Motor Company, that they’ve even been intimidated to the point of not sponsoring the 2016 GOP Convention.

While still others like Coca-Cola have scaled down their financial support to the GOP, no doubt due to a threatening petition against Trump stating his “hateful and racist rhetoric.”

However regardless of any petitions, Coca-Cola, along with Google and Wal-Mart are Sharpton disciples they’ve all drank the “KOOL-AID (sorry coke), and apparently consider Al Sharpton one of their own, despite Al’s seedy past with the false Tawana Brawley race rape charge, his slurs against Jews, Asians and gays, and his tax issues, which once again underscores what Trump has been saying all along…”The system is corrupt!”

Source: Heat Street

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