In a recently released video by the undercover video group Project Veritas, Joseph Scaffido, an assistant dean of students at Cornell University, freely admitted that the university would be open to hosting Islamic freedom fighters in a university-sanctioned setting.

In the video, a person posing as a student and hiding a camera enters Scaffido’s office and proceeds to ask about what things would be possible for a student organization to do on campus in regards to ISIS support.

Unbelievably, Scaffido doesn’t bat an eyelash when the question comes up whether or not the student group could provide material assistance—food, clothing, and electronics—to beleaguered communities in the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

Neither does he squirm when the undercover videographer asks whether Cornell could host a freedom fighter to come and speak on the campus to interested students.

The real kicker, however, comes when Scaffido says that the freedom fighter would be allowed to host a training camp on his visit, similar to the coach on a sports team.

In the assistant dean’s defense, the undercover journalist does describe the community as a distressed community, and there are many distressed communities in the Middle East.

Additionally, the term freedom fighter could have a connotation that denotes someone different from regular ISIS fighters—who are rarely described as “freedom fighters.”

However, all excuses fall flat when the dean says that Cornell, as a university, isn’t going to discriminate against a group “because the university doesn’t believe in it” and that the freedom fighter could host a training camp on his visit.

Scarier still, the Cornell assistant dean says that if a student group chose to support Hamas, a notorious terrorist organization, the university wouldn’t have a problem with it.

While the argument against discrimination can be valid in certain circumstances, supporting groups who have pledged jihad against the United States is an impossible stretch.

Universities need to be stronger than this. They need to stand up for knowledge and education, not state their willingness to support organizations that oppress human beings.


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