One cocky criminal thought that he was above the law and would never get caught spreading scum and filth while he leaches off of the surrounding community. Too bad for him the law caught up to him and made sure to take back something of his.

If you choose to live a life outside of the law you run the risk of losing it all as you should. When low life thugs choose to break the laws meant to keep us all safe and keep society running they take away law abiding citizens property, safety, and even lives.

This piece of garbage was just like the rest of them but he got a bit too comfortable. Something he should have never done with this particular police department.

They made sure not only to make him pay for his crimes, they made a huge example out of him so that other felons see what will happen if they live a life of crime.

These cops in an unnamed town made sure to show the other thugs in town what you get or rather lose if you choose to deal drugs in this town. The drug-pushing "candy man" was known for peddling life-ruining drugs in his big expensive truck purchased with drug money.

Too bad for him he got a bit too cocky and the DEA caught this careless criminal. He lost a whole lot more than just his right to walk free, he also lost his coveted vehicle.

Now police are using his truck to send a message to anyone else thinking about trying to ruin people's lives by selling drugs.

The truck is now a police vehicle and reads "This vehicle belonged to a drug dealer: He went to jail and we are driving his car."


Now someone has posted the pic to Twitter and the awesome move by these cops has gone viral.

After these cops had to put in so much man power and resources to catch this low-life it's good to see them enjoy a bit of satisfaction from an honest job well done.

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Source: Mad World News


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