One Texas family decided to grab a meal at local restaurant. However, when they went to sit down they noticed something peculiar in the middle of the busy eatery. On a night when the restaurant was completely packed there was one table that sat empty, smack dab in the middle of the restaurant. When the family looked closer they saw why the table was left alone.

The table was the only table in the entire restaurant that had been reserved that evening. On top of the table was a sign saying just who the table was saved for. As soon as the family read it they acted fast to snap a pic and post it online so that what this restaurant had done did not go unseen. The true nature behind this reservation left police officers and restaurant patrons alike completely speechless.

The reserved table was at a Texas Roadhouse and in addition to the note saying who the reservation was from sat 5 table settings. The sign explained that this table had been reserved for the 5 police officers that lost their lives in the tragic shooting in Dallas, Texas.

There also hung the U.S. and Texas flags next to the booth. The whole thing was a set up in order to pay tribute for the brave officers who gave their lives in Dallas, Texas.

A facebook post about the meaningful gesture read only this, "Thank you Texas Roadhouse for remembering the#Dallas5 and preparing them a table tonight." Most everyone has been very supportive and proud of the tribute paid by the Texas eatery, yet there are still some critics out there.

Some have commented on the picture noting that the flag is in fact hung backwards and should be flipped. Regardless of the technicality, it is really the thought that counts in a situation like this. This restaurant chose to take away one table in the middle of the restaurant on one of their busy nights in order to make sure that they paid their respect for the 5 fallen officer. That is truly a powerful and selfless sign of respect that we all hope to see more of.

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Source: Mad World News

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