Black-on-white crime is becoming something of a norm, and it is downright disgusting and disturbing to say the least. The latest incident involves the death of a 16-year old, white female, Katherine Burdick-Crowe at the hands of three black males and one female, ranging in age from 17-20 years.

At the moment, all that is known is that Ms. Burdick-Crowe was jumped by the four black thugs and was being robbed. An altercation ensued, as one might expect, and Katherine ended up dying of injuries sustained in the process. At one point she was witnessed as clinging to a Ford F-150, presumably being dragged for some distance, eventually falling away only to later die.

A bystander is quoted during a 911 call as saying;

“Apparently, she was on a car and fell off and a gentleman is here with blood all over his face. He is acting very strange, and “He said not to call the police but I am calling you cause this girl, I don’t feel a pulse or anything, so someone needs to get here very quickly.”

The motive for the robbery is also unknown, and at the moment a possible drug-deal gone south is being investigated. Regardless, to rob someone and then potentially drag them to death, is unforgiveable. What kind of a person do you have to be to leave somebody for dead?

This is utterly tragic, but even more so, is the fact that this story is getting no air time on any of the mainstream media. Why? Because, the victim is white.

If this were the other way around, four white people robbing, dragging, and killing a black female teenager, riots would abound, Obama, his race baiting cronies, and the media would be there in the midst of it all. But, black thugs are getting a media-pass.

Nobody pays attention to black on white crime, black on black crime, or even crime for that matter. The only crime that gets reported anymore is white on black and it is a bonus day in newsrooms everywhere if a white cop is somehow involved in a black person’s death.

It is disgusting.

Source: Mad World News


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