In the wake of the recent rioting and looting in NC, officers at one Charlotte police station were in for a heck of a shock when a little black boy came stumbling into the station totally unannounced. Even before the child had a chance to speak a word, one officer quickly called over her fellow officers in the station and rushed towards the boy.

The horrifying episode for this young boy all started when he was woken up by sirens and helicopters from outside during the riots on Tuesday. The riots were happening just outside the boy's window, but naturally he was completely unaware of why any of this was happening, or even what was really happening.

The next day, on the way to school, the boy's mother, Deanna Hooker was playing the radio and the two heard a news report about how several officers were injured in the rioting and attacks.

Deanna had no idea how much the riots and news of the injured officers had really affected her son. After seeing so much hate in the news in and his surrounding community Deanna was rather surprised to hear her son's idea.

The boy thought about the riots for days and the impact that they had on him and continued to have on him. He wanted to make an impact himself for those who risk their lives to keep him safe.

"He asked me if he could bring the police donuts and give them hugs for all they do," Deanna's Facebook post read that was later shared by Love What Matters.


With a little help from his mom he was able to carry out this very kind and meaningful gesture. He wore a sign around his neck that read, "Free hugs," and carried in a big donut box.

Deanna's son walked into the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and gave the officers his two gifts. He didn't just tell one officer about how he felt, he made sure to go around to every single officer to tell them how he felt about the service they do for him and his mother.

"It is amazing how much children can teach us during times like this," Deanna's post said about her amazing son. This mom should be proud of her son for having such a steady view in such a chaotic world. She deserves some credit as well for having instilled such great values in her amazing son.

Source: Mad World News

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