Recently officials completed a lengthy investigation into a group of some rather 'sketchy' store activity. The FBI managed to raid a total of 16 different business, which resulted in 14 arrests, most of whom were Muslim. This group of Islamic shop owners had quite the secret that they were hiding and when the public found out what they were doing they were outraged.

Officials discovered that there had been a massive crime ring going on in a group of local businesses in Baltimore, Maryland.

It took officials a while to catch on but once they did they discovered the dark secret that theses businesses had been trying so desperately to keep quiet.

The FBI was able to connect a group of grocery and convenience stores all heavily involved in the local crime ring, responsible for food stamp fraud on a massive scale.

All in all these criminals were able to steal a staggering $16,482,270. Now officials have raided the 16 different businesses known to be responsible for the massive scandal and have arrested 14 different people, most of whom were Muslim.

The criminals that were arrested are now about to face a very real reality check and could be spending the next several years behind bars.

Reports indicate that the group of criminals had been trading food stamp benefits for cash at a lower value. In order to try to remain under the radar they would only withdraw several small amounts of the course of the day until the agreed upon amount had been taken.

Too bad for them the federal government wasn't so naive and busted these low-lives before they were able to steal any more money from the American people.

Now these criminals are looking at a multitude of charges including wire fraud, each count can fetch a maximum sentence of 20 years, conspiracy to commit food stamp fraud and wire fraud, another five years for each count, and food stamp fraud, another five.

Now these greedy Muslim shop owners are going to have to face the music and they should. We'll see how long these guys get tossed in jail. We can only hope it's a long time and other scummy Muslim store owners will get the message.

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Source: Mad World News

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