During the chaos of the tragic Dallas, Texas police shooting a sickening scene unfolded while police were busy protecting their the racist blacklivesmatter thugs from their own and trying to help their downed fellow officers, while fighting for their lives. However, in typical BLM fashion these compassionless animals did not see this as time of crisis they saw it as a chance to take advantage of a horrifying situation that they helped create.

While police lay in the street wounded and dead from the armed thugs reigning down racist hell upon them some BLM protesters ran for cover but there were a few that stayed around to exploit the chaos, with a completely unthinkable act.


The police were too distracted fighting off the BLM terrorists to deal with the band of repulsive thugs. Before back up could arrive a group of racist thugs saw another chance to show what their hate group really stands for.

KHOU reports that during the bloodshed in the streets a few BLM protestors took shelter in a nearby 7-Eleven. As they were hiding there waiting for the police officers outside to fight off and eliminate the racist snipers outside, they decided to do what they do best and start looting the 7-Eleven that they had chosen to take refuge in.

Police were too preoccupied with saving these ungrateful animals to deal with their complete disrespect for other people's property, the law, and the people being shot by their BLM buddies while trying to protect them.


This just makes it blatantly obvious that these people don't care about the two black men who were shot and killed by police at all. They didn't come to respect these men instead they came to further spread hatred and violence and while their at it loot and steal a few things on the way.

They hate police because it is the police that actually enforce the law, for which they have no regard. It is the police that make them responsible for their own actions. As soon as they get a chance to protest peacefully what do they do?

They gun down 5 cops in cold blood like savages and the rest of these BLM protestors not behind the gun decide to go looting, and desecrate the surrounding area in the midst of the carnage.

At least they left the building standing and didn't torch the place like their fellow BLM thugs in Ferguson, but then again theres still time. It doesn't matter who's getting shot, be it blacks, whites or cops these thugs always find a great opportunity to display their moral character by stealing what they can hold and leaving a wake of destruction in their path.

Obama continues to insist that these are upstanding citizens only interested in peace and equality, when in reality they have to watch so that they don't trip over the dead bodies of the police slain in the street while they run off with their stolen loot.

The looting does nothing to protest 'police violence' against blacks. It just shows the true scumminess that some people are capable of.

If they actually think black lives matter then they should stop killing each other and going ballistic when a cop does what he is supposed to do.

These cops' lives matter and they were slain down by a group of black snipers. This is the real racism that our country is facing.

During a time of complete chaos and carnage this group of people decide to show their true colors and break the law and yet when a cop shoots them when they do so it's an act of racism. They were given the opportunity to protest police in the street while white police even came to protect them and instead of being grateful they decided the very cops that slaughtered them and take advantage of the cops being too busy fighting off their buddies to uphold the law.

Truly deplorable.

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Source: Mad World News


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