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Perhaps the lesson that should be ingrained in the brain-housing of every Trump supporter is why make yourself a target? And hopefully this middle-aged individual and Trump supporter will think twice before standing in the middle of a traffic island displaying an American flag and a pro-Trump sign.

Obviously in America everyone has a right to express themselves peacefully, however we’re living in a politically correct world, where in many cases progressive loons have run amuck for almost a decade.

And although the police in Meriden, Connecticut arrested the two thugs assaulting the 45-year old victim, displaying any Trump support is at best a touchy subject for many traumatized youths unable to cope.

The police report chronicles the incident took place on Saturday when a silver car stopped after words were exchanged, at which point the two men got out of their car and began beating the Trump supporter, kicking him and knocking him down to the ground.

The two men arrested are identified as Wilson Echevarria, 32 and Anthony Hobdy, 36. Police report that Hobdy had 54-bags of heroin when arrested, apparently the bags were packed for sale, and he’s also wanted on 4-separate warrants, which begs the question why would this moron risk getting arrested?

As for the Trump supporter he complained of having some pain however refused any medical attention.


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