Islamic Terrorism is spreading faster than a wildfire across the face of the Earth. Yet, world leaders in the West are hesitant, almost apathetic, to the imposing tide that is drowning their respective nations in blood. Being incited to violence by satire based cartoons of the prophet Muhammad is one of the many hallmark traditions of Islamic Terrorism.

Case in point; the violent pair of shooters in Copenhagen, Denmark. At the very heart of the Danish capitol, one individual was slain and several others were injured when two men opened fire at the seminar for free speech. Perhaps they were trying to fulfill a $150,000 bounty on the head of Lars Vilks, an artist who portrayed the prophet Muhammad as a dog in one of his cartoons in 2007.

Instead of mentioning the implications of Islamic Extremism, Copenhagen police said the Danish born perpetrator owned a history of violence, weapon offenses and was a member of a gang. They didn't release his name, even though the briefly shared details of the investigation that led to a possible link where the shooter was inspired by Islamic terrorists, including the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris.

No matter how much the leaders of these countries wish it, these aren't mere random acts of violence. Ignoring the cause does nothing to alleviate the symptoms of a murderous sect of Islam. Defenders and apologists claim that not all Muslims are terrorists, pointing to studies that reveal only 25% of the world's Muslims are radical enough to kill for their faith.

Considering the large number of Muslims currently residing on Earth, that calculates to roughly 300 Million radicals who will kill for their bent Islamic beliefs. If we put them all within one country, they would be identical in size to America. If that doesn't open the eyes of Islamic apologists like President Barrack Obama, then nothing truly will.

Pretending this nation-sized group of people doesn't exist won't curb their destructive incursions. Work place violence? Absolutely not. They kill because they feel insulted? How much more barbarism can modern societies tolerate before the very streets run red with blood on a daily basis?

Even in 2013, a hot debate developed as Danes became worried over the high influx of Muslim immigrants. Those imposing immigrants wanted their Islamic culture enforced upon the local population, and many laws were written to accept a good number of those Muslim requirements. While the average Dane citizen fought to guard their own values, Muslims accused them of being racist. So to say that a radicalized form of Islamic faith isn't spreading everywhere it can, is a ridiculous position to hold against an increasing threat to those who believe in anything else but Muhammad the Prophet.

France has a huge Muslim immigrant population. So does the United States. Both countries, pretending that Islamic Terrorism is a boogieman level myth, have also suffered from Muslim Extremism. Or perhaps I should say their citizens have suffered from this radical Islamic plague.

In every country that Islam has spread, the calls for assimilation soon follows. These groups work to radicalize young locals while the politicians who they elect put on rose colored sunglasses, delivering a much practiced plastic smile while their culture is devoured from the inside out. If a citizen, or even a citizen based organization points to the truth, they are labeled as racists, bigots and haters.

Considering the fact that the biggest haters, the most violent religion that any country has tried to tolerate, is Muslim based in a murderous definition of Islam, it's shocking to the core to see such rampant violence where World Leaders refuse to label the true source. Islamic Terrorism. To say it's anything else is pure lunacy.


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