Bloomingdale Police Officer Michael Giovenco did not expect his day to turn out like it did when he was out patrolling and was caught unexpectedly on video. He didn't realize anyone was watching but the video has since gone viral and shocked thousands on social media.

Giovenco encountered a 21-year-old handicap woman who had gotten lost from her home. The woman appeared reluctant to follow the officer but he was able to gain her trust by soothing her. Eventually he was able to calm her down but the woman had one request of the officer.

The woman told Giovenco that she wanted to "walk the trails" and this is where the officer displayed true compassion and caring. He obliged her and said “Let’s go, I’ll walk the ‘trails’ with you,”.

At this time Giovenco's partner started filming this heart touching scene from behind as the two walked. After walking the trails Giovenco was able to walk the woman home safely.

Bloomingdale Police Department were so touched by this act of kindness that they put the video up on their Facebook page and it has since gone viral.

We applaud you officer Giovenco. You make your profession proud.

h/t: Mad World News

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