LaVonte Dell was recently pulled over by local Westlund Police Department officer Joshua Scaglione. Dell is black and Scaglione is white, and Westlund is somewhere in Michigan, so right away you are probably thinking this is a BLM type of story. It isn’t.

Scaglione pulled Dell over for his vehicle’s window tint, which was too dark. As Scaglione was speaking to Dell, he noticed a young child in the backseat. The child was Dell’s 3-year old daughter.

When asked why the child was not in her safety seat, Dell responded that she did not have one. The reason being, he was going through some tough times and did not have the money.

Officer Scaglione had Dell follow him to the nearest Walmart and pick out a seat for his daughter. Then the officer paid for the seat. 

“Dell seems like blue collar hard working guy who was doing the best he could for his family,” he said.

For his part, Dell made and effort to post about his experience and to try and get people to let go of the impression that cops are thugs, “Don’t judge a book by its cover. You’d be surprised of what comes of it.”

What a great story. One question though…if you are so broke you can’t afford to get your baby girl a child safety seat, how did you manage to rustle up the money to custom tint the windows of your car?

Source: Mad World News


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