Louisiana’s Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Deputy, Jackie Loveless, is the antithesis of his surname. He is a man filled with love and he demonstrated this aspect of his character very recently.

Deputy Loveless had pulled a speeding motorist over and the driver noticed it was taking a long time for the officer to approach her. Loveless relayed that whenever he pulls someone over he takes time to pray for his safety. In this age of thuggery and murderous violence directed at law enforcement it is easy to appreciate why he does this.

When he encountered Mrs. Morgan, he learned she and her husband were heading to their daughter’s funeral in Shreveport. Maxine Morgan said that while she was paying attention to her driving her mind “wasn’t there.”

Deputy Loveless, overcome with emotion did something of such compassion that it will bring tears to your eyes. He reached in to the Morgan’s vehicle and took Maxine’s hand in his own;
“I asked her, ‘Ma’am, do you mind if I pray with you?'”

“When the spirit of the Lord comes up to me to pray, I’m obedient to him and pray with that person.”

Together they prayed and in that prayer Maxine’s’ heart was overwhelmed and she held onto Deputy Loveless’ hands and wept. Only a parent can imagine her grief at having to bury her child. Maxine and her husband are ever grateful for the kindness showed to them that day by Deputy Loveless. “I think he was our miracle that day.” Maxine went on to say, “We needed something that day, and he gave it to us.”

Our law enforcement officers are not the hate-filled racist ogres that they are being made out to be in the press and among the thuggery movements. They are our friends in blue. They are the men and women that all children should be taught to call upon whenever they are in trouble.

They are compassionate people who have volunteered to do the job of protecting friends, neighbors, and strangers in their communities. They ask nothing in return, and in the case of Deputy Loveless what they give of themselves is often beyond the tangible.

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