Recent revelations have shown that a man who killed a Kentucky State Trooper was a supporter of Black Lives Matter and a clear advocate of President Obama and other racially charged issues.

Joseph Thompson Johnson-Shanks murdered a Kentucky State Trooper last Sunday night and was, in turn, hunted down and shot by police officers after a long chase. When police cornered Johnson-Shanks, he refused to yield to police commands to drop his weapon. That refusal ended up in police officers shooting and killing him, but it's clear that Johnson-Shanks' radical actions began long before that night.

On his Facebook page, which was listed under the name Jay MileHigh, Johnson-Shanks featured pictures of Malcolm X, President Obama Photoshopped as Superman, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Additionally, Johnson-Shanks had photos on his account which showed that he was an attendee at the funeral of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

Not only was Johnson-Shanks involved in the Black Lives Matter campaign, but previous Facebook posts show that he was regularly posting articles on his account about police brutality, rape cases, and the Ferguson shooting.

While it's in no way conclusive that posting articles of this type on a Facebook page means that someone will go out and shoot a police officer, it's disturbing to see the connection between the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement and the significant rise of crime against police officers.

So many black activists and protesters are claiming that it is their right to protest peacefully and express their discontent but it's becoming clear that, on the periphery of the movement, many are taking the protests as the opportunity to attack men and women who are simply doing their jobs.

Black Lives Matter and other black protest groups need to take responsibility for the violent acts of their activists. This is becoming a dangerous country to be a police officer and moving down that road clearly doesn't benefit anyone.

h/t: Breitbart

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