A police officer in Ohio went to a local restaurant to grab a meal, completely unsuspecting of what dangers were about to befall him. The officer received his sandwich and proceeded to bite down into the sandwich never expecting to find what he did hidden inside. He heard a loud crunch and tasted blood, and that's when he realized exactly what had been put in his sandwich.

The Columbus Ohio officer had gone to Lincoln Cafe and ordered a sandwich for lunch without a second thought to what would happen next. After taking only one bite the officer heard a large crunch and felt a stabbing pain shoot through his mouth. Next thing he knew he was tasting his own blood.

Hidden inside the sandwich were several shards of broken glass that sliced open the inside of the officer's mouth and instantly started filling his mouth with blood. The officer called for back up and the entire restaurant was shut down, while assault squad investigators went about conducting an interview.

The officer was taken to a hospital nearby to be admitted for the night in order to be monitored. As of yet it is still unclear whether or not the glass was placed in the sandwich intentionally and there are still no charges filed on record.

Columbus, Ohio police tweeted recently that "there is no reason to believe it was intentional."

That hasn't stopped many from being completely outraged over the entire event, especially since it's not everyday that you find glass in your sandwich. In light of recent violence against police and increasing tension in America many believe that the glass was just another cop-hating thug's cowardly efforts to express his anti-cop sentiment.

Yet is important to stay civil in time like this and show those cop haters what it means to be the bigger man even when the anti-cop left wont show the same restraint.

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Source: Mad World News


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