What a strange, but sweet, turn of events. The Tampa, Florida woods was home to a 22-year mystery. Officer Daniel McDonald was part of solving that mystery and in doing so gave some people some desperately needed hope.

Why Officer McDonald was deep in the Tampa woods is unclear, but what he discovered was sure to rock him back. He came across a make shift camp site.

The camp featured crude structures, pull-along wagons of supplies, yard tools, and other things. Being a cop, and being that his was a strange situation, he investigated further.

Within the tarp covered structure he found Evelyn Adams and Rocky Bartlett. He found a lifetime’s worth of despair in that little home.

The two had lost their only child 22-years prior and gave up on anything other than existing. They moved out into the woods and it provided them an escape from the world.


Officer McDonald was heartbroken. First, for their loss of their beautiful little boy. Second, for the fact that the two never married as the $93 marriage license had always been out of their financial reach. The officer took action.

He wanted them out the woods, back in society, and on the path to healing. Any parent can imagine, and those that have experienced it, the pain of losing your child(ren) is one that never goes away. Officer McDonald happened to work with the area’s homeless agency as part of his duties.

While he was busy making housing and public assistance arrangements, the public was doing some work of their own. Local business and charities pulled together and gave the longtime couple a dream wedding. Cross Creek Ranch provided an all-inclusive $20,000 event, from dress and tux right down to the cake.


“This is a dream come true and everybody that has did all this it has just been a dream come true,” said Evelyn. “No one has ever did this for me and Rocky.”

Post-honeymoon they will be moving into HUD housing, getting back on their feet, and returning to all that life still has to offer them, despite their sadness.

Source: Mad World News


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