Sexual predators are some of the worst types of criminals, especially the ones who prey on young children. The crime is so perverted that its a well known fact that sexual predators often get beaten while they're in prison for the sick crimes that they committed.

Such was the case recently with Jared Fogle, the man who was made famous by his acting in Subway sandwich commercials where he proudly showed off how much weight he supposedly lost by eating the sandwiches.

Fogle, however, had a dark side and is now serving a prison sentence in a minimum-security prison after being convicted of charges of child pornography and other sexual offenses.

As is the case with child predators, Fogle has had a hard time in prison and the perv was recently beaten badly by a fellow inmate who was upset that Fogle was using his celebrity status to get special treatment.

Steven Nigg reportedly beat Fogle in the face with "a closed fist" multiple times and reportedly could have killed Fogle if he'd wanted to or if the guards hadn't intervened.

Nigg is one of the "worst criminals" that prosecutors in Arizona had encountered back when he was sentenced, and both he and Fogle are serving in a prison outside of Denver, Colorado.

Fogle's time in prison has, reportedly, been lax. He apparently gets to order whatever food he chooses and other inmates have complained that Fogle can simply "do what he wants."

That special treatment mixed with the reason for his incarceration can't bode well for Fogle's future. However, it's no doubt that the man deserves every single second spent in his prison and more for his sexual predator status.

We can only hope that this justice continues to be served to all those who seek to harm our children and our loved ones.

h/t: USA Today

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