There is no doubt America is facing a “moral crises” the likes of which we have never experienced within our society, and to suggest that America is in the midst of a cultural revolution would be a fairly accurate reality.

Unlike the turbulent 60’s this moral decay isn’t coming from radical extremists attempting to infiltrate their morays into our society, but rather this moral decay is being perpetuated by those we’ve elected to guard and uphold our ideals and principles, those elected officials that continue to betray the will of the people, and have apparently set themselves up as an amoral secular entity, that will now decree it’s own standards of morality to the people.

This obvious full frontal attack on all religions should be awake-up call to every religious leader within America, that this administration will do everything within its power to “transform” America away from Judeo-Christian society into an amoral and secular society, by using existing discrimination laws as a pretext.

As illustrated by the Attorney General's comments this week comparing individual bathrooms for men and woman as “sex segregated restrooms” to Jim Crow laws. Under the tyranny of Jim Crow, blacks were hung from trees. Thus under the insanity of this administration the tyranny of sex segregated restrooms, “men are forced into bathrooms with other men”.

However the insanity didn’t stop with the Attorney General, indeed it just reinforced Obama’s all out war on decency by declaring in writing to all public schools in the country, demanding that they allow “transgender” students to use the bathroom that matches their “gender identity.”

The letter arbitrarily decrees specific guidelines for how a school may accommodate normal kids who do not feel comfortable changing in locker rooms with “transgender” members of the opposite sex. Magnanimously, Obama will allow these children to hide behind curtains or in bathroom stalls, but not in a separate facility.

At best this is sexual harassment by this administration, and perhaps by legal definition even sexual assault. Moreover, the verbiage coming out of this administration and those committed progressive ideologue and their attempt to control and force into compliance every natural human instinct of an individual, is simply unconstitutional

Obviously this insanity will be heading to the Supreme Court, while no doubt this garbage will finally be out of the Oval Office.

Source: The Blaze



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