If anyone with a concealed carry permit has ever had someone accidentally catch a glimpse of his or her gun, they know how disturbing some people find it. Even though most of the public is aware of the many laws, regulations, classes, and restrictions that govern concealed carry, that still doesn't mean that a lot of people are freaked out by firearms.m

But concealed carry is an important part of a modern interpretation of the Second Amendment. So shouldn't there be something that can help concealed carry exist without absolutely freaking out bystanders?

That was the question that the founder of Ideal Conceal, Kirk Kjellberg, confronted when he set out to create a small, collapsible gun that wouldn't frighten away everyone but would still allow him to protect himself and his family.

The gun, named Ideal Conceal, is a .380 caliber, double barreled pistol that folds into a compact size. The clincher is the fact that, when folded and stowed away, the gun looks exactly like a palm-sized smartphone.

The design features an innovative safety that makes the gun impossible to discharge when in its folded position. The gun's creator Kjellberg says that demand is already overwhelming and that it all stems from a personal experience he had.

Kjellberg describes a situation where a young child saw his concealed carry gun and was frightened. "I thought to myself there's got to be another way to be able to carry without bothering other people," Kjellberg relates.

So far Kjellberg has received 2,500 emails requesting the pistol. On his website, IdealConceal.com, Kjellberg lists the price of the gun as $395, a bargain when the gun's compact design and invisibility are factored in.

This new concept will make concealed carry even more accessible to the mothers, fathers, and everyday people who are gradually realizing that carrying a weapon makes their lives safer and more secure.

h/t: CNN Money

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