Talk radio host Michael Savage has helped reunite an army soldier with his dog. This touching story attached to an otherwise upsetting military oversight has been making its way around the country. Here's a few things you should know about it.

How it Began
SPC. Brent Grommet was part of the Tactical Explosive Detection Dog program and was in Afghanistan with his Czech German shepherd Matty when an IED went off. Though Matty was uninjured, Grommet suffered spinal injury, hearing loss and post-traumatic stress from the explosion. These two were inseparable in the field. Even on the way back to the states, Grommet slept on Matty's kennel.

What Happened?
In July 2013, the two finally made their way back to the states. Shortly after arriving in New Jersey Matty was taken away for processing. Typically in a situation like this the handler is given the first chance to adopt the dog. However in this case, Matty was put up for adoption. Grommet's father watched his son become quieter and more withdrawn without his beloved dog in his life and this is why he started doing something. Grommet applied to adopt Matty but was told he had already been adopted.

The Outcome
With the help of Michael Savage, Grommet's father was able to find Matty. There was even a petition filed to the White House to find Matty and get him back to Grommet. In November Matty was found and Grommet's father was able to get Matty for his son. Matty still remembered Grommet and the two have been inseparable and in high spirit.

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