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For those of us who tune in daily to the Michael Savage show, this is nothing new. Savage has been beating the drums on the mysterious death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, since the news first aired of the judges death, and the first damaging reports describing the death scene of a pillow over the face of Justice Scalia in a remote hunting cabin at the Cibolo Creek Ranch in Presidio County, Texas, which was later changed to the pillow being next to the judges face.

It would seem almost mandatory due to the sudden and unexpected death of this conservative Supreme Court giant that an autopsy would follow as to the exact cause of death.

“I took a look at the report (of Scalia’s death) and I almost fell out of my chair.” That’s because every investigation should assume it’s a homicide until proven otherwise. But in this case, the only a county Judge declared Scalia dead of natural causes via a telephone call” declared Bill Ritchie a retired deputy chief of the Washington, D.C. police.

Ritchie lamented further that without a full autopsy or taking critical samples of body fluids and tissues who can know for certain if the judge wasn’t injected with something deadly, a phone call can’t examine a body.

Which has prompted conservative talk show host Michael Savage to take a more proactive role in the death of Scalia, by calling for an immediate investigation, and asking his audience “was Scalia murdered?”

Adding that another Warren type commission is needed, and then declaring; “This is serious business.”

And then reiterated again: “There was no medical examiner present. There was no one who declared the death who was there. It was done by telephone from a U.S. Marshal appointed by Obama himself.”

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