The concept of a proposed mandatory Selective Service enrollment for women, is one of immense controversy.

Entering the fray, and rightly so, as they are the people who undertake military operations in times of conflict, is the “top brass.” Effectively they told the Senate Armed Services Committee, fine by them.  The exact words were;

“I think that all eligible and qualified men and women should register for the draft,” stated Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley.

This is not sitting well with the Senators. “No. I do not want to see my 15-year old daughter drafted into the military and ever moth and father I’ve talked to in Utah feels the same,” according to Senator Mike Lee (R-UT).

Other voices, like that of Elaine Donnelly, Center for Military Readiness, President said that,

“Requiring women to register for Selective Service is unequal and unfair to women and certainly harmful to the military.”

“Selective Service is a low-cost insurance policy to provide 'combat replacements' in the event of a national emergency. It is exactly the opposite of choice.”

"Ordering women into the same combat environment on the same basis as men is not giving them an equal opportunity to survive,” states Donnelly, as based on “most recent research.”

The Independent Institute, the Americans for Constitutional Liberty, the Liberty Counsel, American Life League, do not agree with conscripting women into military service. 

There are even those in the military who do not what this; “Americans do not want the government to send our daughters into battle against their will…” according to retired US Army Lt. General, and Family Research Council Executive Vice President, William Boykin. His statement was based on the NH debate and waffling PC answers by candidates.

Seemingly overlooked in all this “fight for equality,” is that “The most important thing is combat readiness. Our military’s only job is to protect our nation. There should be no gender norming of standards to serve,” said President of the Concerned Women for America.

Before you get spun-up, she also said “Feminism cares more for political correctness than it does for women.”

So true. It also cares more for PC than it does for the nation’s safety.

Source: CNS News



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