“Instead of targeting gun owners, try to imagine [President] Obama saying that San Bernardino shows the need for ‘bi-partisan support for Muslim control’,” said conservative columnist, Don Feder.

Mr. Feder went on;

“After it stopped foaming at the mouth, the Committee on American Islamic Relations would have called it racist and paranoid, and not at all nice. The suggestion would have been condemned by every Democratic presidential candidate. And the Norwegian Nobel Committee would have taken back Obama's Peace Prize.”

To add to Mr. Feder’s spot on comments, we need immigration control-period.

We have millions of south of the border transients, the “people in the shadows” wandering around this nation, and some of them are up to no good.

However, when it comes to Muslims, there is a different element at play-that of infiltration of the country that is the prize of the Islam dream in establishing their bloody Caliphate.

Mr. Feder’s believes that President Obama should protect us from the Jihad. Don’t we all?

Obama should have started doing just that Day 1, Term 1.

Mr. Feder suggests, “The administration would cancel plans to bring 85,000 Syrian refugees to America, in the calendar year that began on October 1, including many Jihadi sleepers.”

This would need to include that which France has taken action against, and that is for the Federal Bureau of Investigation to “stake out every mosque in the country,” he said.

Feder bases that last bit on the demographic results of the Mapping Sharia In America Project were by 3:4, or 75:100 of 100 randomly selected mosques preach Holy War.

In doing all of this, appointing people truly committed to the preservation of this nation, Bolton and Cheney, for starters, “Then we wouldn’t end up with the politically lobotomizes, like Obama’s ISIS Czar, Robert Malley, who in a 2010 documentary suggested that Hamas was basically the Palestinian equivalent of the Salvation Army.”

Don Feder is awesome, an each of those point above, and with respect to the fact that President Obama “…never lets reality interfere with ideology.”

Truly, have any of us ever experience a president like Obama, or read about a former president like Obama?

He is one of a kind-that is for sure.

Source: CNS News


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