Liberals cry for tolerance, as long as the beliefs of others are in line with what they believe. Actress and Fox News political commentator Stacey Dash is all too familiar with this hypocrisy and has unfortunately been experiencing it from not only leftist haters on the internet and in the media, but also from some of her family and friends. In 2012 Dash dropped her Democrat voter registration and came out as a conservative after being disappointed in Obama's presidency, a decision her family did not support.

In an interview with The Edit she told them,"My family and I have not spoken . . . My cousin Damon and my brother [Darien] were role models to me because they were great capitalists . . . Now we’re not really talking because they were the ones who told me to keep my mouth shut."

Dash has become accustomed to the hatred of the left, especially during the 2012 elections. She was an outspoken supporter of Romney/Ryan and came under heavy fire on social media for her beliefs and support of conservatives. She said in an interview, "People said I should kill myself, they called me an Uncle Tom, said I don’t think I’m black, [that] I don’t like black people, which to me is absurd."

This narrative is sadly all too familiar to conservatives. Disagreeing with someone, even family members, is no longer viewed as simply a difference of opinions, but instead it is viewed be the "tolerant" left as hatred of the other side. If someone no longer agrees with Obama, they're racist. If an African-American, such as Dash, doesn't agree with Obama, they're an Uncle Tom. What happened to good old-fashioned political discourse, where one person stated their beliefs, the other person stated theirs, and at the end of the discussion they would shake hands and part friends? It has been replaced with uncivilized behavior such as name calling and death threats.

While Dash faces push back for her conservative beliefs, she's not letting it stop her from speaking her mind and letting the world know that she's not going to be bullied into silence. Keep on fighting the good fight, Ms. Dash.

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