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It would seem that the law of “diminished returns” when applied to performance within the Democratic Convention has reached critical-mass, first it was Debbie Wasserman Schultz getting booed off the stage, and now its this decades old character Congressman Elijah Cummings being heckled by those rowdy young and foolishly idealistic Bernie supporters, who actually expected a fair process from the Hillary gang, namely the Democratic Party.

Cummings is a congressman from the riot torn city of Baltimore, who has served that community for over 3-decades (30-years), and within all that time the city of Baltimore has been run exclusively by Democrat’s, progressives and largely by African-Americans, and which has been virtually run into the ground, with malfeasance, corruption, and worst of all incompetence.

However with that dismal record of none accomplishments, that didn’t stop Cummings from playing his favorite hand, the “race card” citing to those in attendance; “Our party does not just believe, but understands, that Black Lives Matter. But we also recognize that our community and our law enforcement work best when they work together,” he said to cheers and chants of “Black Lives Matter.”

However Bernie supporters appeared uninterested in hearing the same progressive talking points and Cummings continued racial division, and began holding up signs and chanting “No TPP!" in protest of of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade compact.

Cummings continued going on about social justice, however those young and foolishly idealistic Bernie supporters kept shouting, heckling and holding up signs.

Moreover the heckling of Cummings should have been anticipated, in that he was co-chairman who actually inserted ambiguous language within the platform committee that essentially protects TPP, which Bernie supporters believe is the cause of America’s decline within its manufacturing base.

More importantly, Bernie supporters are getting an education on just how corrupt the system truly is, and perhaps recognizing that ol Bernie isn’t the outsiders he pretends to be…after all the guy has been a sitting senator longer than anyone on record, not exactly an outsider position.

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