“To little to late”, is perhaps the general thinking among most knowledgeable folks who believe in the principles embodied within our Constitution, and although Rep. Ted Yoho, R-Fla., wants to establish clear standards of what will trigger impeachment proceedings in the House of Representatives, the fact still remains however that Congress hasn’t done it’s job.

And in fact is actually responsible for sitting silent all these years while this administration usurped one law after another, and in so doing has changed forever the fragile “balance of power” those “checks and balances” that every kid in school learned studying American History. Perhaps the Congress would have been well advised to take a remedial course in basic governance so they would finally know what constitutes “high crimes and misdemeanors” by the Chief Executive.

In a recent interview regarding his bill, House Resolution 198, Yoho said: “Every time we go back to the district and even before I ran, people said; “The three branches of government are out of balance. When is Congress going to stand up and have some accountability and rein in the power of the executive branch?”

He continued; “At some point, we’ve got to draw that line that says from this point forward, all presidents,  I don’t care if they’re Republican, Democrat, from the planet Mars, they’re going to be held to the confines of the Constitution.”

And while Yoho’s words may sound reassuring I had assumed all along that the Founders had created a fairly detailed document outlining exactly what role each branch of government would play and while I welcome any additional legislation to rein in an out of control Executive Branch, the fact still remains that regardless of what legislation is passed the will to enforce that legislation is paramount, and it does take a backbone to stand up to the Executive Branch, but then again that’s what representing the people of this great nation is all about.


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