Refugees across the world are in need of help and many countries, the United States included, are stepping up to help ferry poor and hurting people to safety. However, the United States is ignoring the rights of the citizens in many places where these refugees are being sent.

In Boise, Idaho, local citizens came together to rally against the federal government's actions of bringing thousands of refugees into the city.

In a clip on the Dana Loesch show on The Blaze, converted Christian pastor Shahram Hadian talked about the anonymity of many of the refugees who are being sent to Idaho and the oddity of Boise being a hotbed for Muslim refugees.

"[The citizens] have no clue where these people are coming from and the FBI testified that, particularly when it comes to Syrian refugees, they have no way of telling the background of these folks."

The College of Southern Idaho is currently serving as a dissemination point for the refugees, but a group of concerned citizens recently held a protest there to voice their concerns.

That group calls itself "III% Idaho" and is concerned that the Muslim refugees coming into Boise are also bringing with them radical Islam. "Now, there are many terrorist organizations out there who have stated numerous times that they will manipulate the refugee crisis to spread radical Islam," said Chris McIntire, a spokesperson for the group. He also pointed to the limited ability of government officials to verify the identity of any refugees.

As a nation of charitable, religious people, the refugee crisis is a tough issue to solve for the United States. Most religions pride themselves in helping the downtrodden and needy, and these refugees definitely fit the bill. However, safety of American citizens is important and must be taken into account--even held higher than the safety of refugees.

When we protect our own citizens, we open up the doors to help others. Let's not subvert our own safety under the pretense that it will let us be better global ambassadors.

h/t: Bare Naked Islam

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