An argument in Cincinnati turned deadly as a 62-year-old man drew two firearms and opened fire on four people on Sunday evening.

The man who was identified as Thomas McCary was arguing with the woman when her brother, Patrick Ewing, approached to check on his sister. This is when McCary brandished a .38 caliber hand gun and shot at Ewing three times.

This low life scum picked the wrong person to open fire on as Ewing is a concealed carry permit holder that allows him to carry a weapon legally. Ewing was able to return fire and hit McCary once in the leg causing McCary to retreat into his home but only momentarily. McCary came back with another gun and opened fire in the direction of a 1-year old baby, the mother plus another person nearby.

Patrick Ewing was not going to sit by and let this turn into a blood bath. He started shooting back at McCary as cover allowing the mother and baby to safely escape the gun fire and into their home.

McCary was apprehended by police and taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center for treatment. He is now in jail.

If it were not for the ability of Patrick Ewing to carry a legal firearm this certainly would not have been such a happy ending. Ewing showed great courage but this also shows that law-abiding citizens should have the ability to arm themselves for their families protection as the constitution guarantees.



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