We all know that the Department of Veterans Affairs is the worst example of bureaucracy that has emerged in recent years. It's sad to see the men and women who have valiantly served their country treated so terribly, just because somebody in Washington feels that the best way to serve them is by committee.

Recently, though, the Wall Street Journal broke the news that things at the VA are worse than we all thought. Is that even possible, you're asking yourself? Well, yes.

It turns out that the VA has been declaring veterans dead over the last five years so that it doesn't have to pay out their benefits. While the VA claims that it haa corrected these mistakes, there are a couple of huge red flags.

The first is the number of incidents. Over 5 years the VA has logged 4,201 cases where veterans were improperly declared dead and their benefits revoked. Even with the huge numbers that the veterans are dealing with, if the same ratio were to occur in a private industry, that company would be mocked into bankruptcy.

Another red flag in the issue is the fact that the VA says it hasn't logged any of the reasons why thishappensed. I'm not saying I'm an expert on administering veteran services, but if something goes wrong over 4,000 times, maybe the VA should take some time to record what happened so it doesn't happen again.

The third red flag is the fact that the VA seems to think it can solve problems simply by throwing money at the issue. It recently updated its system to try and fix this and other issues, but the VA reportedly has no idea if the fix will actually do anything. This is terrible Washington  bureaucracy at its worst.

We need to wipe the slate clean and institute a veterans program that actually helps our service men and women, instead of declaring them dead and taking away their benefits.

h/t: Fox News

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