On Thursday morning James Comey testified regarding the House Oversight Committee and the conclusion of the never-ending investigation into Hillary's blatant mishandling of secret information in her private email server.

After Comey was able to look over the lengthy list of evidence pointing to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's guilt in the violation of multiple federal felony statutes, he miraculously came to insane conclusion that Hillary should actually not be indicted. What he was thinking is still a mystery.

Comey did slip up though in his cover-up of Hillary's guilt. At a certain point during Comey's questioning he was asked straight up, "Did this private server make our nation’s secrets vulnerable to hostile actors?"

His answer was "Yes" and it says it all. It was short and sweet and clearly displays Hillary's guilt of putting the safety of our nation and the safety of American lives at risk due to her 'extreme carelessness.'

The real attacks came from South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy. Gowdy was relentless in his typical 'Pit Bull' type interrogation of Comey. Gowdy harped mostly on the lies Clinton told since the incident and even pressed Comey into restating lies that had been exposed during the course of the investigation.

Gowdy ended his tirade in typical Gowdy fashion saying that he would not have the time to get through all of the falsehoods and excuses that Hillary and her administration had been spouting because he had to catch a plane the following day.

If all of the other evidence pointing to Hillary's guilt wasn't enough from keeping her far away from the White House her own lap dog Comey even reported that Hillary was deemed not "Particularly sophisticated" when it comes to dealing with classified information with regards to the safety of the American people.

Well that is going to be tough to be president and not be allowed to see any classified documents that deal with our nation's security.

Furthermore, it has become known that many of her emails containing classified documents had a special mark on them to indicate classified while others that did not have the mark were later determined to carry classified information. So it would seem she can only tell if it's classified if she's trying to hide the evidence.

Hillary Clinton is one of the most corrupt and incompetent candidates that we have had to deal with in a while. It is completely absurd that she is allowed to walk the streets a free woman after the way she handled this email scandal much less have a chance at becoming the next president of the United States.

It's up to us to be loud and make sure our voice is heard. We cannot let this criminal anywhere near the Oval Office. Please share this on Facebook and continue to expose the true crimes that the Hilldabeast has committed against the United States of America.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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