There are real reasons for a student in the Law Faculty of Columbia to have an extension or reschedule of a final. Some of the past examples include the immediate death of a parent, hospitalization from a car accident, and even a case of having to rush to the hospital because the student went into early labor from stress of exams. This is the frame that one must view the current 'copy/paste' email claim for an excuse to skip an upcoming law exam: Students (plural) felt they were too traumatized by the Ferguson (which is close to 1,000 miles away from campus) shooting and riots.

It seems that the nation's 'best and brightest' are taking cue from the 'give me' generation and want to somehow become a lawyer and not put the work into it. The continued insistence by both the President and the Dean of Columbia University both key in on one crucial point: The letters demanding to be excused from the exams are all, almost to a fault, a copy/paste email chain. Not only were the letters a mass excuse pasted with 'insert name here' cleverness, but when the students received a reply from Columbia asking for further details on why that individual student felt he or she should be excluded from the exam, the responses were not forthcoming.

In other words, the students of Columbia--one of our great nation's top law schools--were too lazy to even respond with direct evidence as requested by their administration. Not only were they trying to get a day off by claiming something none of them were personally involved with or closer to than a TV screen in their dorms, but they didn't even have the honest to goodness work ethic to write their own letter as detailed by the rules that regulate their stay at Columbia. Furthermore, they ignored the request for full details on an individual basis.

This means that the students were so upset--so distraught--by the acts of Ferguson that they couldn't list one detail on how it affected them personally. Not one single shred of evidence was offered by these distraught students. If this complete lack of discipline, pride in work, and ethics is what 'the best' law school of the land has to offer then we are, indeed, doomed as a nation.



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